Do I need a really nice camera to be a great photographer?

The answer is no! As long as you have a “manual” mode on your camera, you can take awesome pictures!

This guy (Evan) I found on YouTube explains things really well.  He has a video series as well as an e-book that clearly explains the secrets and tips on how to use your camera on a professional level.

For the video series CLICK HERE, for the e-book CLICK HERE.

I promise you won’t be disappointed!  If photography is a passion of yours, then learn how to do it!  You only live once, do what you love and be good at it!

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Learn the tricks of the trade and become a great photographer!

Hey guys!  Thanks for visiting my site!  I set up this site to help people like yourself learn the secrets of photography that put you in a league with the professionals!

Learning a new camera (DSLR) is hard enough as it is, then to try to use that camera on the fly to get the pictures that you want can be even harder.

If you’re on this site, you are looking for knowledge about photography.  Have you ever asked these questions:

Why some pictures are blurry, why are some dark, why are some … well, not how you wanted them?

Your looking for an apprenticeship!  Your looking for someone to give you all the tips that you need to be a great photographer!

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